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Home Roasted 3rd Party Desktops

Sparky offers a few additional Desktop Environments/Window Managers which are either not available in the Debian Repositories; or have been customized for SparkyLinux.

Some Desktops are available as source code packages hosted by the desktop's developers. The source code is compiled, Debianized or re-Debianized for End Users and placed in the Sparky Repositories.

Home roasted 3rd party Desktops available in the Sparky repos are:

They are installable via Sparky MinimalGUI/CLI ISO images using the Advanced Installer; or Sparky APTusDesktop section; and may be installed in addition to an existing desktop. If you have any issues installing the Desktops, please report them at the Desktop's Developer's project websites and/or the Sparky Forums.

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