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ARM Edition

Sparky ARM Edition is a Sparky version created for the single board mini computer RaspberryPi.

It uses the RaspberryPi scripts and packages, and is based on Debian's stable branch.

Sparky ARMHF is available as an “img” image in two flavors:

  • “Openbox” - features the Openbox window manager and a few pre-installed applications
  • “CLI” - a text based OS only, so you can configure the system in your way

Both have pre-configured Sparky's repositories, so you can install some of Sparky's tools.

Sparky ARMHF 4.x (old stable) is available here.
Sparky ARMHF 5.x (stable) is available here.

NOTE: some packages which are available via Sparky tools can not be installed on ARM system, such as a few window managers, a few web browsers, etc.

In both versions, the base configuration is:

  • user: 'pi', password: 'sparky'
  • root password: 'toor'
  • sudo is enabled as default
  • en_US locale and keyboard layout as default

See also:

Sparky ARM in QEMU

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