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APTus Upgrade Checker & Notifier

The tool checks (in shadow) packages to be upgraded and displays notification on desktop.


 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install sparky-aptus-upgrade-checker

Then reboot to let it start working.

It doesn’t run if:

• running live system
• no active internet connection
• ‘sparky-firstrun’ is installed

It runs ones per system boot, with 30 second of delay. If runs and finds packages to be upgraded, it lets you start the default Sparky’s upgrade tool (sparky-aptus-upgrade).

It uses Yad, so it’s desktop independent.

System Upgrade Scheduler

It lets you set an additional upgrade checker to be checking upgrades every 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 hours or ones per week, via the menu→ System→ System Upgrade Scheduler.

It also lets you disable/enable back the default upgrade checking every system boot.

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