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How to Sparky APTus Extra

* Sparky APTus Extra is a module of Sparky APTus now *

Sparky APTus Extra allows you to install some “popular” applications from Sparky or 3the party repositories via “one” click. Sparky APTus Extra is preinstalled in all Sparky editions. If not, install it:

 sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus-extra

The list of applications available to install via APTus Extra:

  • BlueGriffon - a WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web
  • Ceni - a text mode network manager
  • Custom ISO Builder - Sparky tool which lets you rebuild Sparky iso image
  • Device Driver Manager - a tool to help installing 3th party drivers
  • Deb Package Builder - Sparky tool which lets you build simple deb package
  • Dropbox Client - a tool to synchronize your files
  • Eraser - Sparky tool can permanently delete files and directories
  • Google Chrome - Sparky tool, OnLine installer of the web browser from Google
  • Google Earth - Sparky tool, OnLine installer of Google Earth 6 or 7
  • Grub Customizer - an application for editing Grub bootloader settings
  • JDownloader - OnLine installer of Java based download manager
  • LightDM Manager - manager for LightDM
  • Live USB Creator - Sparky tool to help creating live USB disk with a Linux distribution
  • Lxmed - Java based tool to managing LXDE menu
  • Master PDF Editor - freeware application for editing PDF files
  • MEGAsync client - a tool to synchronize your files
  • MintStick - a tool to write iso/img files and format it
  • Nighingale - multimedia player, a fork of Songbird
  • Office - Sparky tool which lets you install: Abiword & Gnumeric, Atril, Evince, LibreOffice, MS Office Online shortcuts, Mupdf, Okular, OpenOffice, Qpdfview, WPS Office, Xpdf
  • RSSOwl - Java based RSS client
  • SeaMonkey - internet suite
  • Skype - Sparky tool, OnLine installer for Skype communicator
  • Sparky APTus - Sparky tool for managing system's packages
  • Sparky APTus Gamer - Sparky tool for installing various game emulators and other tools
  • SpiderOak - a tool to synchronize your files
  • Steam - OnLine installer for Steam client
  • TeamViewer - remote control application
  • TOR Browser - TOR anonymity network application + Firefox
  • TOR Messenger - based on Instantbird, an instant messaging client
  • TrueCrypt - on the fly disk encryption software
  • Variety - wallpaper changer and manager
  • VeraCrypt - on the fly disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt
  • Vivaldi - a freeware web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies
  • VMware Player - Sparky tool, OnLine installer for VMware Player
  • Vuze - BitTorrent client
  • XnViewMP - free photo editor
  • and other Sparky tools

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