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 Sway is available from Debian repository now

“Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor and a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager for X11. It works with your existing i3 configuration and supports most of i3’s features, plus a few extras. ”


Sparky 6

Sway can be installed on Debian 10 “Bullseye” / Sparky 6 “Po Tolo” via the command:

sudo apt install sway

Sparky 7

Installation Sway on Sparky 7 “Orion Belt” based on Debian “Bookworm”, can be done via APTus AppCenter→ Desktop→ Sway icon (recommended way) or installing the meta package:

sudo apt install sparky-desktop-sway

or just the “sway” package.


The full installation via APTus AppCenter comes with basic configuration and a few tools, such as:

– Alacritty – a terminal emulator for Wayland

– bemenu – lets you launch an application; it can be started via left bottom icon or a shotcut: mod+d

– Swaylock – a desktop lock for Wayland

– Swayidle – an idle management daemon for Wayland

– Xbacklight – a simple utility to set the backlight level

– nmtui – a CLI network manager

– Xwayland – lets you launch some applications from X window server

– and a few small apps

Sway on Sparky 7

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