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Sparky Office

Sparky Office is now a section of Sparky APTus.

Sparky Office is a tool which lets you quick install one of the office applications:

  • AbiWord and Gnumeric - a small set of two applications: a word processor and a spreadsheet
  • Atril - a document viewer for MATE
  • Evince - a document viewer for multiple document formats
  • LibreOffice - cross-platform office suite (preinstalled in all Sparky “Full” editions), can be installed if OpenOffice in not installed
  • MS Office - the Menu shortcuts gives you quick access to launch MS Office on-line applications via a web browser
  • MuPDF - a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer
  • Okular - the document viewer for KDE
  • OpenOffice - an office suite; install it after removing LibreOffice
  • Qpdfview - a tabbed document viewer
  • WPS Office - an office suite which offers WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet
  • Xpdf - a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files.


 sudo apt-get install sparky-office

Launch it from Sparky APTus→ Office section.

Sparky Office

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