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Sparky Eraser

Sparky Eraser is a graphical interface for shred and wipe tools.

Shred can permanently erases files, Wipe erases folders and its directory tree. Deleted files and folders by Sparky Eraser can’t be recovered easily.


 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install sparky-eraser

Eraser works on files and directories you have full access to (home dir, external partitions, etc.). If you have to permanently remove your stuff from the system, run Eraser with sudo privileges (on your own risk):

 sudo sparky-eraser

If you do not need to run it as root, run it normally from the Menu→ Accessories→ Eraser

Sparky Eraser

Confirmation is needed after choosing a file or a directory to be removed.

Sparky Eraser

More information about ‘shred’ and ‘wipe’ tools can be found on the man pages:

 man wipe
 man shred

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