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MinimalCLI Edition

SparkyLinux MinimalCLI (Command Line Interface) Edition is a flavor of Sparky shipped with no X Server.

If features as small set of preinstalled packages as possible to let you build any desktop environment on the top of Debian.

SparkyLinux CLI features only:

  • core system of Debian
  • network-manager
  • Midnight Commander - file manager, text editor and ftp client
  • eLinks – web browser
  • the Sparky Advanced Installer (sparky-installer)
  • set of wifi cards drivers
  • unzip, unrar, p7zip-full, ntfs-3g, nano, ufw

Download MinimalCLI - Sparky 4.11 (oldstable), Sparky 5.9 (stable), Sparky 6 (semi-rolling)

Live mode

The live system user name is: live

The password is: live

Root password is blank, so to work as root, type:

 sudo su


All Sparky spins, including CLI Edition are offered with all available Wi-fi drivers preinstalled. It lets you connect to the internet, specially via wireless devices.

As of Sparky release 4.3, the Wicd and Ceni have been removed and replaced with the Network Manager.

To set the network connection manually, run the command:


Networking older versions

Connection to the internet via Wicd-Cli (not in use in Sparky CLI spin any more).

Find available networks:

 wicd-cli -y -l

Make connection:

 wicd-cli --wireless -n [network-name] -m [ESSID] -c

Get more info:

 wicd-cli --help
 man wicd-cli


Wicd has a text based interface which can be run via the command:



SparkyLinux CLI has a text based Advanced Installer preinstalled as default. The installer offers support for installation on BIOS or UEFI machines.

Run it via the command:

 sudo sparky-installer

Starting from SparkyLinux version 4.3, the installer lets you install one of 20 (about) desktops of your choice. Check HowTo SparkyLinux Minimal.

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