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Sparky Backup System

This tool lets you create a hybrid ISO image from your SparkyLinux installation, and then install it on a new machine or different hard/USB disk or a different partition.

Sparky Backup System is divided into the packages:

- sparky-backup-core - it provides a text based backup tool, and a text and GUI (Yad based) installed, called Sparky Advanced Installer

- sparky-backup-sys - it provides a GUI (Yad based) frontend to the text based backup tool

- sparky-backup-desktop - it provides additional script to let users choose and install one of more than 20 desktops, and it's provided as a separate package. The desktop installation option works in Sparky MinimalGUI and MinimalCLI iso images only.

You should also read Tricks & Tips to get additional,useful help.

The tool is based on Remastersys and Remastersys-GUI tools.

It is in use from 2012 as the default Sparky's iso maker.

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