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Sparky Backup Core

Sparky Backup Core lets you backup your existing Sparky installation, and create a new iso image of it. The tool is based and forked from Remastersys.


 sudo apt-get install sparky-backup-core


Sparky Backup Core provides two tools:

  • Sparky Backup - text based, which creates a new iso image.
  • SparkyLinux Installer - a text and Yad (GUI) based live installer which lets you install your Sparky based re-spin on a new partition, disk or machine. The tool is called Sparky Advanced Installer, and is available in all Sparky iso images.


Usage of the 'sparkybackup' tool in a text mode is manual only, preparations need to be done step by step by you, before starting the process.

Step 1 - Basic Configuration

The tool configuration is placed in /etc directory:


Edit the file by a text editor, as root, and change options as you like:

  • a. - Working directory (make sure you need up to 20 GB of space to create 4GB iso image):
  • b. - The live system label:
  • c. - New iso image name:


I suggest not changing the live system user name, simply leave is as it is (live).

Step 2 - Desktop Configuration

Your desktop configuration should be copied to the /etc/skel directory to use it in a new live system.

Simply copy (as root) any desktop environment or window manager configuration to skel, for example:


 sudo cp ~/HOME/.jwmrc /etc/skel/


 sudo cp ~/HOME/.config/openbox/* /etc/skel/.config/openbox/

etc., etc.

Make sure that the target folder exists in the 'skel' directory.

Step 3 - Building Process

After creating your custom settings, the building process can be started via the command:

 sudo sparkybackup dist

A successful build will place your new iso image, package list and check sum files in your working directory. Copy them to other location, before building next one.

Step 4 - Cleaning

After the building process is completed, and you copied the iso and other stuff to a different location, you HAVE to clean the working directory BEFORE making another iso image:

 sudo sparkybackup clean


Starting from version 20171009, the tool was upgraded with text line shortcuts called “spb”, for example:

  • spb dist = sparkybackup dist
  • spb clean = sparkybackup clean
  • spb edit = nano /etc/sparkybackup/sparkybackup.conf
  • spb cache = apt-get autoremove + apt-get clean + aptitude purge ~c

You might also read the Tricks & Tips page.

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