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Sparky Player

Sparky Player is a simply and very small tool which lets play any audio or video file, which:

– it is available from a context menu only

– it doesn’t provide a standard’s desktop menu entry

– it doesn’t provide any button and other graphical features

– it calls and uses ‘ffplay’ to play all audio and video files

– it supports all audio and video files which are supported by ‘ffplay’ via ‘libavcodecs’


 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install sparky-player

Just mark your audio or video file and choose ‘Sparky Player’ to let it play, or set ‘Sparky Player’ as a default player for a chosen multimedia file.

Anyway, it lets you manage a playing audio or video file in a player window via your keyboard, for example:

– pause = space bar

– quit = q or Esc

– full screen = f

– right arrow = forward

– left arrow = back

Sparky Player

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