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How to SparkyLinux Base Edition

Starting from SparkyLinux 4.3, the Openbox Base Edition changed its name to MinimalGUI.

SparkyLinux “Base” Edition is a set of Sparky flavours which features a minimal set of applications and a lightweight window manager only. It's perfect choice if you would like to get fast desktop and install your own set of applications you like.

Sparky “Base” is available in 3 different versions:

  • Enlightenment
  • JWM (Joe's Window Manager) (as of Sparky 4.2 not under development any more)
  • Openbox

Important !

As of Sparky 4.2 and newer does not need to change the settings any more (all set as default).

Every version of Sparky “Base” has preinstalled two packages: 'lxpolkit' and 'lxsession-data'. The tools are exist in LXDE packages too and will make conflict with the two packages installed in Sparky “Base”.

There is no problem if you would like to install an another desktop environment on the top of Sparky “Base”, excluding LXDE. So if you'd like to install LXDE on the top of your “Base” installation, remove 'lxpolkit' and 'lxsession-data' packages before installing LXDE:

 sudo apt-get remove lxpolkit lxsession-data

Started from Sparky 4.1, the 'lxpolkit' (and 'lxsession') packages have been removed from all the Base Editions and replaced by 'policykit-1-gnome'.

To make changes manually, remove the 'lxpolkit' and 'lxsession-data' packages as above.

Make sure that you have installed (or install if not installed) package 'policykit-1-gnome':

 sudo apt-get install policykit-1-gnome

Then edit via any text editor, the Openbox startup script, located in your home directory:


Remove the live:

 /usr/bin/lxpolkit &

Add the new line:

 /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &

Save the file, log out and log in back to take effects.

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