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Boot failed after installation Sparky in Virtualbox EFI mode

Installing SparkyLinux inside the VirtualBox with Efi Mode, the installed system can be not able to boot.

In most cases the VirtualBox will launch the EFI Shell.

VirtualBox Efi Shell

To manually launch Sparky 64 bit version, run:


To manually launch Sparky 32 bit version, run:


If you used automatically partitioning, the efi file has been installed on /dev/sda1 partition. If you set other partition for efi file, change the partition number.

If you have launched Sparky manually, fix the startup as follow:

64 bit:

 sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
 cd /mnt
 sudo echo '\EFI\sparky\grubx64.efi' > startup.nsh

32 bit:

 sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
 cd /mnt
 sudo echo '\EFI\sparky\grubia32.efi' > startup.nsh

Then reboot:

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