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Terminology is an EFL based terminal emulator.


 sudo apt-get install terminology


Default key controls:

 Shift+PgUp = Scroll 1 page up
 Shift+PgDn = Scroll 1 page down
 Shift+Up = Scroll 1 line up
 Shift+Down = Scroll 1 line down
 Shift+Insert = Paste Clipboard (ctrl+v/c) selection
 Shift+Ctrl+Insert = Paste Primary (highlight) selection
 Shift+Keypad-Plus = Font size up 1
 Shift+Keypad-Minus = Font size down 1
 Shift+Keypad-Multiply = Reset font size
 Shift+Keypad-Divide = Copy highlight to Clipboard (same as ctrl+c in gui apps)
 Ctrl+PgUp = switch focus to previous terminal inside a window
 Ctrl+PgDn = switch focus to next terminal inside a window
 Ctrl+Shift+t = create new terminal on top of current inside window (tabs)
 Ctrl+Shift+End = close the focused terminal.
 Ctrl+Shift+h = toggle displaying the miniview of the history
 Ctrl+Shift+Home = bring up "tab" switcher
 Ctrl+Shift+PgUp = split terminal horizontally (1 term above the other)
 Ctrl+Shift+PgDn = split terminal vertically (1 term to the left of the other)
 Ctrl+Shift+c = copy current selection to clipboard
 Ctrl+Shift+v = paste current clipboard selection
 Alt+Home = Enter command mode (enter commands to control terminology itself)
 Alt+Return = Paste primary selection
 Alt+w = Copy selection to primary
 Ctrl+Alt+Equal = Font size up 1
 Ctrl+Alt+Minus = Font size down 1
 Ctrl+Alt+0 = Reset font size
 Ctrl+Alt+9 = Big font size
 Ctrl+1 = switch to terminal tab 1
 Ctrl+2 = switch to terminal tab 2
 Ctrl+3 = switch to terminal tab 3
 Ctrl+4 = switch to terminal tab 4
 Ctrl+5 = switch to terminal tab 5
 Ctrl+6 = switch to terminal tab 6
 Ctrl+7 = switch to terminal tab 7
 Ctrl+8 = switch to terminal tab 8
 Ctrl+9 = switch to terminal tab 9
 Ctrl+0 = switch to terminal tab 10

Command mode commands currently understood:

 f = Reset font to default setting saved in config
 f+ = Increase fontsize
 f- = Decrease fontsize
 fb = Display big font size (10x20 bitmap, or size 20 with scalable).
 b = reset the background (no media)
 bPATH = set the background media to an absolute file PATH
 gNxM = make terminal NxM chars in size (if possible). e.g. g80x48 g40x20.

If just one number is provided, it will use the following shortcuts:

 g0=80x24; g1=80x40; g2=80x60; g3=80x80; g4=120x24; g5=120x40; g6=120x60; g7=120x80; g8=120x120

Mouse controls:

 Right mouse button = controls menu
 Middle mouse button = paste highlight selection
 Left mouse button/drag = make highlight
 Wheel = scroll up or down in history
 Ctrl+Wheel = zoom font size up/down
 Ctrl+Left mouse button/drag = make block selection highlight
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