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Sparky Terminal

Sparky Terminal is a very simple, VTE based terminal emulator, forked from k3rmit

It is in use by Sparky tools, no menu entry, but can be used to a normal work if you wish.


sudo apt install spterm


  • Use default shell (with $SHELL environment variable)
  • Supports transparency with a composite manager (such as compton or picom)
  • Tab support
  • Customizable


spterm [-h] [-v] [-d] [-c config] [-t title] [-e command]
-h, show help message and exit
-v, show version
-d, enable debug messages
-c, configuration file to read
-t, title to set in terminal
-e, command to execute in terminal

Key Bindings

Key 	Action
ctrl-alt-[c] 	copy to clipboard
ctrl-alt-[v] 	paste from clipboard
ctrl-alt-[t] 	open a new tab
ctrl-alt-[r] 	reload configuration file
ctrl-alt-[q] 	exit the terminal
ctrl-alt-[k][up] 	increase font size
ctrl-alt-[j][down] 	decrease font size
ctrl-alt-[=] 	reset font size to default
ctrl-alt-[return] 	open a new tab
ctrl-alt-[num] 	switch to the tab number [num]
ctrl-alt-[l][right][pgup] 	switch to the next tab
ctrl-alt-[h][left][pgdn] 	switch to the previous tab
ctrl-alt-[w][backspace] 	close the selected tab

Key bindings (ctrl-alt) can be set to standard ctrl-shift with the config file.

Default key bindings (ctrl-alt) can conflict with your desktop environments window shortcuts. (especially on Linux Mint) In order to solve this issue, key bindings can be changed to ctrl-shift.

Sparky Terminal

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