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RadioStation is a fork off Radiotray-Lite, a lightweight clone of the original Radio Tray online radio streaming player rewritten in C++.

Key features

  • Runs on a Linux system tray.
  • Has minimum interface possible.
  • Plays most media formats (it uses gstreamer).
  • Supports PLS, M3U, ASX, RAM, XSPF playlists.


It is available to Sparky 5 and newer.

apt install radiostation



Copy your existing bookmarks.xml from Radio Tray (which is usually located at $HOME/.local/share/radiotray/bookmarks.xml) into $HOME/.config/radiostation/ directory.


Configuration file is located in the same directory as bookmarks file. It has simple XML format and following options are supported:

  • last_station – name of the last played station. Automatically updated, you don't need to change it.
  • buffer_size – size of the internal gstreamer's buffer.
  • url_timeout – timeout in seconds for fetching playlist.
  • notifications – if set to false disables desktop notification messages. Default is true.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <option name="last_station" value="Rock 181" />
  <option name="buffer_size" value="102400" />
  <option name="url_timeout" value="5" />
  <option name="notifications" value="false" />


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