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Openbox Menu Generator

Openbox Menu Generator generates a static or dynamic menu, with or without icons, a pipe menu for Openbox window manager.

It can be used instead of the standard Debian menu.


  sudo apt-get install obmenu-generator

Alternate installation method

Install dependencies:

  sudo apt-get install build-essential cpanminus git

Install the generator:

  git clone git://
  sudo cp obmenu-generator/obmenu-generator /usr/bin
  sudo cp -r obmenu-generator/ ~/.config/obmenu-generator/
  sudo cpanm Linux::DesktopFiles
  sudo cpanm Data::Dump
  sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

Run the generator in a terminal

Dynamic menu with icons:

  obmenu-generator -p -i

Static menu with icons:

  obmenu-generator -s -i

The older menu will be moved from the file:


to the backup file:



If the menu creation stops or doesn't work at all, after fresh Sparky installation:

1. Remove its configuration folder with all the files:

 rm -rf ~HOME/.config/obmenu-generator

2. Re-install it:

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install --reinstall obmenu-generator

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