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Enventor is an EDC editor with some convenient functions. It was started near the begining of June 2013, so expecting it to do everything a mature script editor does is a bit premature.

It's a useful layout theme editor tool. Enventor supports the text edit function and the preview function for the EDC source code. You can edit the EDC source code to create your layout using Enventor.


 sudo apt-get install enventor

Short Cut Keys

 Esc - Open/Close Menu
 F1 - About
 F2 - New
 F3 - Save
 F4 - Load
 F5 - Show/Hide Line Number
 F9 - Show/Hide Tools
 F10 - Show/Hide Console
 F11 - Show/Hide Status
 F12 - Settings
 Ctrl+S - Quick Save + Update Live View
 Ctrl+I - On/Off Auto Indentation
 Ctrl+O - On/Off Auto Completion
 Ctrl+W - Show/Hide Dummy Parts
 Ctrl+H - On/Off Part Highlighting
 Ctrl+T - Insert Defaut Template Code
 Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up - View Zoom In (Only if view size is set) / Font Size Up
 Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down - View Zoom Out (Only if view size is set) / Font Size Down
 Alt+Left - On/Off Full Edit View
 Alt+Right - On/Off Full Live View
 Alt+Up - On/Off Full Console View
 Alt+Down - On/Off Full Editors View
 Ctrl+A - Select Text All
 Ctrl+Double Click - Select a word
 Ctrl+Z - Undo Text
 Ctrl+R - Redo Text
 Ctrl+C - Copy Selected Text
 Ctrl+V - Paste Copied Text
 Ctrl+X - Cut Selected Text
 Ctrl+D - Delete a Current line
 Ctrl+F - Find/Replace
 Ctrl+L - Go to line
 Ctrl+Home - Go to the Top line
 Ctrl+End - Go to the Bottom line
 Ctrl+Space - Search candidate keywords in the context

Command Line Usage

 enventor --help
 enventor [input file] [output file] [-t] [-i image path] [-s sound path] [-f font path] [-d data path]
 input file = EDC file to open. If input file is skipped, Enventor will open a default template code with a temporary file.
 output file = EDJ file to store compiled file. If output file is skipped, Enventor will store the binary file to the temporary directory.
 -t = Open template menu when you launch Enventor
 -i = path to image resources that the edc includes
 -s = path to sound resources that the edc includes
 -f = path to font resources that the edc includes
 -d = path to data resources that the edc includes

Examples of Enventor command line usage

 enventor -t
 enventor newfile.edc -t
 enventor sample.edc output.edj -i ./images -s ./sounds
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