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SparkyLinux Versions

Sparky is shipped in 3 different sorts:

  • Full Editions - with all the tools, codecs, plugins and drivers preinstalled – to the users who want to have everything ready and work from the first system’s run
  • Base Editions - with minimal set of tools – to advanced users who like to set up everything as they want
  • CLI Edition - text based edition for advanced users

Full Editions are developed in a few sorts depending of the desktop environment:

  • KDE
  • LXDE
  • LXQt
  • MATE
  • Xfce

Base Editions are available with 3 different window managers:

  • Enlightenment
  • JWM
  • Openbox

CLI (Command Line Interface) Edition has no X server preinstalled and works in text mode only. Can be used to build any desktop on the top of Debian 'testing' as you like.

GameOver Edition features LXDE desktop, a very large number of preinstalled games, useful tools and scripts. It's targeted to gamers.

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