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Upgrade Sparky from 6 to 7

It should work with no problems, but remember: You do that on your own risk!

To make dist upgrade from Sparky 6 to 7 do:

1. Backup your personal files to external disk or partition.

2. Change Debian repositories from bullseye to bookworm at the file:


So it should look like that:

 deb bookworm main contrib non-free
 deb-src bookworm main contrib non-free
 deb bookworm-security/updates main contrib non-free
 deb-src bookworm-security/updates main contrib non-free
 deb bookworm main non-free

3. Change Sparky repositories from potolo to orion at the file:


So it should look like that:

 deb core main
 deb-src core main
 deb orion main
 deb-src orion main

4. Refresh package list:

 sudo apt update

5. Install sparky-apt_YYYYMMDD~sparky7 & sparky-core_7.YYYYMMDD packages:

 sudo apt install sparky-apt sparky-core

6. Refresh package list again:

 sudo apt update

7. Dist upgrade now:

 sudo apt full-upgrade

If any problem run:

 sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a
 sudo apt install -f
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