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Sparky Obmenu

Sparky Obmenu provides Sparky configuration to Obmenu pipe menu. It can be used instead of a standard Debian's menu or Obmenu Generator.



Obmenu is a graphical menu editor for the Openbox window manager. Openbox uses XML to store its menu preferences, and editing these by hand can quickly become tedious. This utility provides a convenient method of editing the menu in a graphical interface, while not losing the powerful features of Openbox such as its pipe menus.

This also provides a Python module named obxml that can be used to further script Openbox's menu system.

It installs the obmenu package only:

 sudo apt-get install obmenu

Sparky Obmenu

'sparky-obmenu' installs 'obmenu' package and provides ready to use Sparky's configuration to the pipe menu (started from Sparky 6).

 sudo apt-get install sparky-obmenu

The old Openbox menu config file will be backuped during installation.

Obmenu with Sparky configuration

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