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Home Editions

SparkyLinux “Home” (or “Full”) Editions provide a full featured and pre-configured operating system for home users.

It contains a set of daily usage applications, such as:

- Network: Firefox web browser, Icedove email client, Transmission BitTorrent client, Corebird microblogging client, HexChat IRC client, Liferea RSS client, Pidgin IM client, uGet download manager

- Graphics: Camorama webcam viewer, Gscreenshot, Simple Scan

- Office: Evince/Atril (MATE)/Okular (KDE) documents viewer, LibreOffice suite

- Multimedia: VLC player, Audacious/Amarok (KDE) audio player, Radio Tray, RecordMyDesktop, Xfburn/k3B (KDE)

- Others: Wine, Virtual Keyboard, Bluetooth manager, Device Driver Manager, Sysnaptic package manager, OpenJDK + IcedTea plugin, multimedia codecs, many wifi drivers, etc.

- Sparky apps for different tasks.

Sparky “Home” editions are available in 5 desktop versions of your choice:


- LXQt

- KDE Plasma 5


- Xfce

All of them feature the Sparky Installer (aka 'live-installer) to move the live system to a hard drive.

There is also Yad based Sparky Advanced Installer (aka 'sparkylinux-installer') available to install the live system to a hard or USB drive.

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