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Disk partitioning

Depends on your present disk partitions structure, you need to create 2 (4 max) separated partition for Sparky installation:

  • “/” - root partition - for the system files; ext4 file system and 10 GB of free space recommended (GameOver needs 20 GB)
  • SWAP partition - f your RAM memory is 1GB, create SWAP partition 1 GB (minimum) or bigger. If your RAM memory is smaller than 1 GB, create SWAP partition 2 times bigger that RAM
  • the 3th partition is “/home” for your private files and your account settings - it's recommended but don't create if you don't have much space left on your hard drive; ext4 file system and as much free space as you can create (5-10 GB minimum)
  • EFI partition with “/boot/efi” mount point has to created or used on machines with UEFI motherboard; 100-300 MB of space; “vfat/fat32” file system

If you do not have separated partitions ready for the new Sparky installation, you can:

  • create them during the installation process - both installers (Sparky Installer and SparkyLinux (Old) Installer) use GParted, which is preinstalled with all the Sparky iso images
  • or you can create the partitions using any Linux distribution working in Live mode with preinstalled GParted application, for example.

BIOS machines

UEFI machines

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