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EMPC is a client for MPD written using EFL. Its focus is speed-of-use and minimalism. It does not support other media playing backends.

For most delicious taste, set MPD_HOST environment variable to the path of mpd's local socket. Also ensure your user has access to this socket.


  sudo apt-get install empc



The UI of EMPC is based on mouse movements and event areas. Moving the mouse to an area of the application window will trigger a change in the view state. Unless the current view has been mouse-hold toggled or keyboard toggled using a global hotkey, it will automatically hide after HIDE_TIMEOUT seconds.

Hints for available navigation appear when the view changes:

 blue indicates a new view is available in a direction
 red indicates the previous view is available in a direction

Mouse bindings for the player view and event area sizes can be changed using the defines at the top of empc.edc.

Global hotkeys:

 F1 -> Toggle playlist view
 F2 -> Toggle filesystem view
 Ctrl+Q -> Quit

Player view:

 Right -> playlist view
 Right for LOCK_TIMEOUT seconds -> toggle playlist view on
 Bottom -> controls panel
 Left click -> play/pause toggle
 Double left click -> background selector view
 Right click -> fetch+show lyrics
 Wheel down -> next track
 Ctrl+Wheel down -> next album
 Wheel up -> previous track
 Ctrl+Wheel up -> previous album
 Ctrl+v -> paste image url/data to use as background
 Delete -> delete currently playing song from queue
 Ctrl+Delete -> delete currently playing album from queue
 Enter/Return -> activate (play) first selected item in playlist

Playlist view:

 Left -> player view
 Left for LOCK_TIMEOUT seconds -> toggle playlist view off
 Up -> filesystem view
 Bottom -> controls panel
 Ctrl+Wheel up -> scroll up to previous album header
 Ctrl+Wheel down -> scroll down to next album header
 Right click -> playlist menu
 Ctrl+a -> select all
 Ctrl+c -> copy current selection of songs
 Ctrl+v -> paste current selection of songs
 Ctrl+Enter -> playlist menu

Filesystem view:

 Bottom -> playlist view

Typing on the keyboard in this view will actively search available filesystem entities.

 Double click/Return/Enter -> select current entity
 Arrows -> change selection
 Right click -> filesystem menu
 Ctrl+a -> select all
 Ctrl+c -> copy current selection of songs/directories
 Ctrl+v -> paste image url/data to use for image of current directory - only works if one directory is selected
 Ctrl+Enter -> filesystem menu
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