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   sudo apt install spterm   sudo apt install spterm
-==== Usage ==== 
-  spterm 
 ==== Features ==== ==== Features ====
   * Use default shell (with $SHELL environment variable)   * Use default shell (with $SHELL environment variable)
-  * Supports transparency with a composite manager (such as compton)+  * Supports transparency with a composite manager (such as compton ​or picom)
   * Tab support   * Tab support
   * Customizable   * Customizable
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 ==== Arguments ==== ==== Arguments ====
-  ​psterm ​[-h] [-v] [-d] [-c config] [-t title] [-e command]+  ​spterm ​[-h] [-v] [-d] [-c config] [-t title] [-e command]
   -h, show help message and exit   -h, show help message and exit
   -v, show version   -v, show version
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