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 +===== Sparky Screenshot =====
 +Sparky Screenshot is a Yad based GUI frontend for **scrot** tool, which lets you take a picture of your desktop or a selected window and save it on your local disk.
 +It was preinstalled (up to Sparky 3.6 & 4.0 RC) in Sparky editions: LXDE, LXQt, GameOver, Openbox and JWM. Starting from Sparky 4.0, Sparky Screenshot has been replaced by [[gscreenshot|Gscreenshot]]. ​
 +   sudo apt-get install sparky-screenshot
 +{{:​sparky-screenshot.png?​300|Sparky Screenshot}}
 +<WRAP center box 61%>
 +[[sparky_password_change|<​--- Sparky password change]]|[[sparky_time_date|Sparky time and date set --->]]
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