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 +===== Sparky Play =====
 +Sparky Play MP3 is a simply, small, Yad based tool which lets you search directories and play mp3 audio files.
 +The tool lets you:
 +– choose a directory to be searched using a keyword (singer, song name, etc, whatever is used in a name of a mp3 file) or
 +– use * to find all mp3 files in a chosen directory
 +– display all mp3 files been found in a drop down menu
 +– play your mp3 files
 +   sudo apt update
 +   sudo apt install sparky-play
 +The tool is created by Elton, partly based on a work of Raimundo Portela. ​
 +{{:​sparky-play1.png?​400|Sparky Play}}
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