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 +===== Sparky Online =====
 +Sparky Online checks your web site to tell you does it online and display a pop up message on your dekstop.
 +It is not moved to Sparky repos, but can be installed manually from Sparky’s GitHub repo.
 +1. Install dependency:
 +   sudo apt update
 +   sudo apt install cron iputils-ping wget yad
 +2. Download ‘sparky-online’ and ‘sparky-online-cron’ files from the GitHub repo:
 +3. Modify ‘sparky-online’ – place your web site address to WEB section, then:
 +   sudo cp sparky-online /usr/bin/
 +   sudo chmod +x /​usr/​bin/​sparky-online
 +4. Modify ‘sparky-online-cron’ – it is set to check a web site every 1 hour, so change the valvue to your (in hours), and ‘pavroo’ to your user name, then:
 +   sudo cp sparky-online-cron /​etc/​cron.d/​
 +   sudo chown root:root /​etc/​cron.d/​sparky-online-cron
 +   sudo systemctl restart cron
 +{{:​sparky-online.png?​300|Sparky Online}}
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