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 ====Sparky Center LXDE ==== ====Sparky Center LXDE ====
-{{:page_under_construction.jpg|Public Domain Image}} ​Pardon our dust. Coming soon.+With the end of LXDE, Sparky Center LXDE is deprecated. 
 +{{:sparkycenter.png|Public Domain Image}}
 <WRAP center box 100%> <WRAP center box 100%>
-|[[sparky_backup_system|<​--- Sparky ​Backup System]]  |  [[start|^ Wiki Start Page ^]]  |  [[sparky_codecs|Sparky Codecs ​ --->]]|+|[[sparky_backup_system|<​--- Sparky ​Center LXDE]]  |  [[start|^ Wiki Start Page ^]]  |  [[sparky_codecs|Sparky Codecs ​ --->]]|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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