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Line 6: Line 6:
    * Enlightenment    * Enlightenment
-   * JWM (Joe's Window Manager)+   * JWM (Joe's Window Manager) (as of Sparky 4.2 not under development any more)
    * Openbox    * Openbox
 **Important !** **Important !**
 +As of Sparky 4.2 and newer does not need to change the settings any more (all set as default).
 Every version of Sparky "​Base"​ has preinstalled two packages: '​lxpolkit'​ and '​lxsession-data'​. Every version of Sparky "​Base"​ has preinstalled two packages: '​lxpolkit'​ and '​lxsession-data'​.
Line 17: Line 19:
    sudo apt-get remove lxpolkit lxsession-data    sudo apt-get remove lxpolkit lxsession-data
 +Started from Sparky 4.1, the '​lxpolkit'​ (and '​lxsession'​) packages have been removed from all the Base Editions and replaced by '​policykit-1-gnome'​.
 +To make changes manually, remove the '​lxpolkit'​ and '​lxsession-data'​ packages as above.
 +Make sure that you have installed (or install if not installed) package '​policykit-1-gnome':​
 +   sudo apt-get install policykit-1-gnome
 +Then edit via any text editor, the Openbox startup script, located in your home directory:
 +   ​~HOME/​.config/​openbox/​
 +Remove the live:
 +   /​usr/​bin/​lxpolkit &
 +Add the new line:
 +   /​usr/​lib/​policykit-1-gnome/​polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
 +Save the file, log out and log in back to take effects.
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