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 This quick guide lets you find and install new packages via a text console. This quick guide lets you find and install new packages via a text console.
-Every command has be run with root privileges ​**su** or **sudo**.+Every command has to be run with super user privileges **sudo**.
-1. Find a package:+**1**. Find a package:
-   ​apt-cache search package-name+   sudo apt-cache search package-name
-2. Check is a package installed and find its version:+**2**. Check if a package ​is installed and find its version:
-   ​apt-cache policy package-name+   sudo apt-cache policy package-name
-3. Install a package (packages):+**3**. Install a package (packages):
-   ​apt-get install package1 package2 package3+   sudo apt-get install package1 package2 package3
-4.If you have downloaded a "deb" package from the network, you can install it using **dpkg** tool:+**4**. "Deb" package ​downloaded ​from the network can be installed ​using **dpkg** tool:
-   cd /patch-to downloaded-dir +   cd /path/to/​download/​directory 
-   dpkg -i package1.deb package2.deb package3.deb+   sudo dpkg -i package1.deb package2.deb package3.deb
-If the package (packagesneeds extra dependencies,​ the installation ​will be broken. To fix it, run:+If the package(sneed extra dependencies,​ the installation ​can become ​broken. To fix it, run:
-   ​apt-get install -f+   sudo apt-get update 
 +   ​sudo ​apt-get install -f 
 +List of all packages installed on your system can be generated via the command: 
 +   sudo dpkg -l 
 +   sudo dpkg-query -l
 ---- ----
-<WRAP center box 38%> +<WRAP center box 75%> 
-[[upgrade|<​--Manual system upgrade]]|[[remove_package|Remove packages --->]]+|[[upgrade|<​--Manual system upgrade]] ​  [[remove_package|Remove packages --->]]|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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