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-How to speedup google chrome+===== How to speedup Google Chrome internet browser =====
-1. **Disable unnecessary extensions**+1. Disable unnecessary extensions
-I only use **Lastpass extension** for passwords+I only use 'Lastpassextension for passwords
 and and
-**Magic Actions extension** for youtube html5 and buffer speedup options+'Magic Actionsextension for youtube html5 and buffer speedup options
-2. **Disable unnecessary plugins**+2. Disable unnecessary plugins
-3. **Enable SPDY/4**+3. Enable SPDY/4
-Type **chrome://flags/#enable-spdy4** in address bar and click Enter.+Type:
-**Now click Enable**.+   chrome://flags/#enable-spdy4
-4. **Increase Maximize tiles for the interest area (defaults to 512)**+in the address bar, Click Enter, then Enable.
-Type **chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area** in address bar and click Enter.+4. Increase maximum tiles for interest area from defaults to 512.
-**Now change value defaults to 512**.+Type: 
-Now **click Relaunch now** in bottom left corner of the window.+   chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area 
 +in the address bar, click Enter. Change the default value to 512, then click Relaunch now located in the bottom left corner of the window.
 5. Enable data compression proxy extension. 5. Enable data compression proxy extension.
 6. Enable Data Saver (beta) extension. 6. Enable Data Saver (beta) extension.
 +Sometimes the data compression proxy extension and the Data Saver (beta) extension only work if you are already connected to internet. For example my ISP needs to login to use internet; I can enable these two extensions when I login to ISP-Internet Service Provider or else I can't connect to internet and hosts file has no use with these two extensions.
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