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-===== Home roasted ​3rd party desktops ​=====+===== Home Roasted ​3rd Party Desktops ​=====
-Sparky offers a few additional ​desktop environments/window managers ​which are not available in repositories of Sparky'​s parent - Debian ​(some of them already are).+Sparky offers a few additional ​Desktop Environments/Window Managers ​which are either ​not available in the Debian ​Repositories;​ or have been customized for SparkyLinux.
-The desktops ​are available as source code packages hosted by the desktop'​s developers. ​They are taken from them, compiled, ​debianized ​or re-debianized ​for end users and placed in the Sparky ​repositories.+Some Desktops ​are available as source code packages hosted by the desktop'​s developers. ​The source code is compiled, ​Debianized ​or re-Debianized ​for End Users and placed in the Sparky ​Repositories.
-Home roasted 3rd party desktops ​available ​is Sparky repos are: +Home roasted 3rd party Desktops ​available ​in the Sparky repos are: 
-  * [[cde|CDE]]+  * [[cde|CDE, The Common Desktop Environment ​]]
   * [[enlightenment|Enlightenment]]   * [[enlightenment|Enlightenment]]
   * [[jade_desktop|Jade]]   * [[jade_desktop|Jade]]
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   * [[manokwari_desktop|Manokwari]]   * [[manokwari_desktop|Manokwari]]
-The desktops can be installed ​via Sparky ​[[minimal|MinimalGUI/​CLI]] ​iso images ​(fresh install) ​or via Sparky ​[[aptus|APTus]] -> Desktop ​tab, or via the [[synaptic|Synaptic package manager]], alongside of an existing desktop. +They are installable ​via [[minimal|Sparky ​MinimalGUI/​CLI]] ​ISO images ​using the [[advanced_installer|Advanced Installer]]; ​or [[aptus|Sparky ​APTus]] -> **Desktop ​section**; and may be installed in addition to an existing desktop.  
- +If you have any issues ​installing ​the Desktops, please report them at the Desktop'​s ​Developer's project ​websites and/or the Sparky Forums.
-Make sure that any issues ​of the desktops should be reported ​at the desktop'​s ​developer's project ​sites. +
 +<WRAP center box 75%>
 +|[[sparky_desktops|<​--- Sparky Desktops]] ​ |  [[cde|The Common Desktop Environment (CDE)  --->]]|
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