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 Installation:​ Installation:​
-   ​apt-get install gscreenshot+   sudo apt-get install gscreenshot
 {{:​gscreenshot.png?​300|Gscreenshot}} {{:​gscreenshot.png?​300|Gscreenshot}}
-Saving your screenshot, add **png**, **jpg** or **jpeg** extension to the file, for example: **screenshot1.png** 
 ---- ----
-<WRAP center box 50%> +<WRAP center box 100%> 
-[[desura_installer|<​--- Desura ​installer]]|[[lightscribe_installer|LightScribe installer ​--->]]+|[[desura_installer|<​--- Desura ​Installer]]   [[start|^ Wiki Start Page ^]]  |  [[linux_kernel|Latest Linux Kernel ​--->]]|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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