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-===== Fix broken packages ===== 
-Sometimes the package installation or upgrading process can be broken for some reasons. 
-In cases like that **DO NOT** reboot your system, try to fix it before rebooting. 
-If you already rebooted the system and you cannot log in back to your account, reboot it again and run the system in **Recovery Mode**. 
-Fix broken packages via **dpkg** tool - it will install all already downloaded packages: 
-   dpkg --reconfigure -a 
-Sometimes broken packages need more (missing) dependencies, so **dpkg** can't solve that. Use **apt-get** to fix everything what is not properly configured yet and needs some new packages to be downloaded: 
-   apt-get update 
-   apt-get install -f 
-If you just fixed some packages after broken upgrading process, run upgrade again, to make sure that there is nothing left to be upgraded/fixed again: 
-   apt-get dist-upgrade 
-<WRAP center box 49%> 
-[[remove_package|<--- Remove packages]]|[[clean_packages|Packages clean up --->]] 
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