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 +====Custom ISO Builder====
 {{:​page_under_construction.jpg|Public Domain Image}} Pardon our dust. Coming soon. {{:​page_under_construction.jpg|Public Domain Image}} Pardon our dust. Coming soon.
-<WRAP center box 75%> +<WRAP center box 100%> 
-|[[aptus_gamer|<​--- How to Sparky APTus Gamer]] ​ |  [[deb_package_builder|DEB Package Builder ​ --->]]|+|[[aptus_gamer|<​--- How to Sparky APTus Gamer]]  |  [[start|^ Wiki Start Page ^]]  |  [[deb_package_builder|DEB Package Builder ​ --->]]|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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