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-Open sparkyaptus and click on upgrade tab+===== How to Sparky APTus Upgrade (aka System Upgrade) =====
-and refresh ​package list and then click on full upgrade ​and your system ​will be upgraded.+Sparky APTus Upgrade (aka System Upgrade) is a small tool which: 
 +   * updates ​package list 
 +   * performs ​full system upgrade (dist-upgrade) 
 +   * re-checks the package list to make sure there is nothing left to upgrade 
 +Sparky APTus Upgrade is preinstalled in all Sparky editions, if not install it: 
 +   sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus-upgrade 
 +Sparky APTus Upgrade provides the **RECOMMENDED** way to upgrade your Sparky installation and lets you keep the system ​up-to-date. 
 +Starting from version 0.3.15, there is a command line tool which lets you fully upgrade your OS via one command: 
 +   ​sparky-upgrade 
 +<WRAP center box 75%> 
 +[[aptus|<​--- How to Sparky APTus]]|[[aptus_upgrade_checker|How to Sparky APTus Upgrade Checker --->]] 
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